Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! This post is dedicated to my mom and other moms in my family. This is my mom, isn't she just classy and beautiful? My mom passed away last August. I miss her everyday. My mom lived in Belgium during WWII. It happened during her teenage years, so she wasn't able to finish high school. Her family hid an American soldier that the SS wanted badly. This is the kind of family I come from, brave, strong and do the right thing, no matter what. After the war, she joined the LDS church. My dad served a mission in Belgium and met my mom there. When he came home, he started writing to her. They corresponded for a bit and he asked her to marry him. She accepted his proposal. She came to the United States in March of 1950 and they were married in October of the same year. Now, think about this...if your daughter came to you and said "I have been writing to this man that lives somewhere in the wilds of the West. He wants to marry me, so I'm going to leave my family and my country and travel halfway around the world to marry a man I haven't even dated."  Really? Wow... She was 22 when she started on this adventure! She came over here and had to learn the language, learn to drive, got her GED, went to college and became a nurse, raised 5 kids, was a dairy farmer's wife, made killer fried chicken, soup, chocolate mousse, & Belgian waffles, had a beautiful home and yard and always looked beautiful and smelled wonderful!! She was strong and just a bit stubborn (that's where I get that from...and my dad's hard~headed...a lethal combo that I inherited!!) What an example she is. I miss her and love her so much.

This is my Grandma Hanchir (left), Tante Marie (middle) and my mom (right) in Belgium. We called my Grandma Hanchir "Marraine" (not quite sure why...) but I pronounced it "Mianne". She was the only Grandma that I knew. I love her dearly. She passed away when I was 10. Here are some of my memories of her: she had long black hair. When it got to be too much for her to take care of, she put it in a ponytail and cut it off! She made awesome omelets and sprinkled them with powdered sugar. I loved to have coffee with her (well, I had a little coffee with my cream and sugar). She was an incredible knitter, we always had warm woolen socks for winter. I miss that. She had a dog, Bella, that she would speak French to and the dog would answer her back. She didn't speak much English, so I learned French at an early age. After she died, no one really spoke French much and I forgot it. I took 2 years of French in high school...but it just isn't the same. One of my many regrets. I can only imagine the things this incredibly strong woman lived thru (World War II and moving to the United States to name just a few). I hope to be strong like her.

This is my cute family, pre~Robbin!! (circa early 1960's) I love their clothes! Everyone looks so healthy and happy and carefree! (And Andre'~Kru sure looks like you here!!)

This is Gaston, my mom's brother. He was my favorite uncle. This man could do ANYTHING! He survived WWII by working in the coal mines (by the grace of God, the family knew someone who got him a spot working in the coal mines. Otherwise the Germans would have come along and taken him to serve in Hitler's army.) He was a stone mason by trade. He dug out the basement of his house (after the house was built) with a shovel and a 5 gallon bucket. He could make anything. I think this is where I get my love for power tools and creating things!

This is my dad and his sisters. My dad is the second to youngest of nine children. His dad was killed when Dad was 12. My dad had a hard life, but raised all of us with love and kindness and taught us to work until the work is done, your word is your bond, begin and end each day with prayer and to work hard and play hard. His sisters were so good to our family. I spent countless hours at Aunt Ona's learning how to bake pies! Aunt Marian had a dairy too, so she would call Dad every morning at 4 am and they would talk about their day's plans. I miss the Nye family get~togethers.

This is my mom and me in Hawaii (1982...can't you tell??) The summer after I graduated, my mom and I spent 12 days in Hawaii. We had an AWESOME time! We had so much fun and really became friends. I will always treasure this memory.

These are my sisters, Shirley (left) and Betty (right). In my mind, my sisters are always these beautiful Prom Queens! When I was little, I just wanted to grow up and be beautiful like them! Now that we're older, they are 2 of my best friends, I love that.

It's days like this that I love and appreciate my family and all they've done for me. Hug your family today!


  1. I love hearing storys of brave amazing ladies:) I enjoyed reading this post:) It reminds me so much of my own grandma:) My husband did the same thing as your uncle at his dads house. His dad and boys in my husbands family built an underground storage room. it took them 15 years. Not my idea of fun!
    Happy Mothers Day!

  2. It's always fun to hear family stories and it's even better when they get preserved for future generations! We have quite a bit on my mom's side, but I always wish I knew more. Thanks for your post, Robin!

  3. Oh my gosh Robbin! I am just catching up on my reading tonight. This is a fabulous story and I am so glad you shared it with your friends. I have missed reading your blog and this was wonderful to read--especially since i knew most of your family.

  4. Wow. I loved reading this post. I've missed seeing you on here, and was really impressed to read these stories of your family. Isn't family just the best thing ever? Miss seeing you and talking to you.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog. I have had such a fun time going way back through your archives. I loved this post about your Mom. Look forward to more of your posts.