Monday, February 7, 2011

New Year's Tradition

We had the Nye family Christmas party on New's Year Day this year. My mom always said that it is a tradition to make Belgian Waffles on New Year's Day and share with your family and friends. In Mom's memory, Laci and I made Belgian Waffles for the party. Laci also had the recipe written in Mom's handwriting, how AWESOME is that!?! So we made copies of the recipe for anyone wanting to preserve the memory and the tradition. I love having things like recipes or letters in people's handwriting, I think it is something to be treasured! We will continue this tradition in Mom's memory.


  1. My gosh girl...I've missed seeing you post. Love to see you back at it. Sure wish you and Betty would come to the retreat...we have exactly two spots left!!! It was so much fun copying everything you did!

  2. I think we need to make this a tradition not only for New Year's day but also maybe some other time of the year. They are so YUMMY!!

  3. What a neat tradition and kudos to you for keeping it going. The handwritten recipe will be cherished for generations.