Saturday, June 23, 2012

June 2012

Another update from Washington! We had Relay For Life this weekend. It was raining like crazy! Luckily they had it at the fairgrounds so we were able to do the Luminary Lighting and the Lighting Ceremony inside. Here I am with a great group of friends-Heidi Wisbey, Connie Brown, me, Kirsten VanZanten, Alicia Watson, and Janine Garrison.

Here is my mom's luminary bag.

So many bags...

They had the Bellingham Pipes and Drums Band play Amazing Grace during the Luminary Lighting ceremony. It was amazing.

This year I have started running (I know...I can't believe it either...). I have done 3 5K's so far this year. This is my first race-Runnin' O' The Green. See that guy running next to me? That is Mike, a good friend who pushes me and won't let me quit!

My second race-Haggen to Haggen. Yes...I'm trying to pass the old man...haha

And my third race-Haulin' Axe. I am running even though it looks like I am only walking!

My dad passed away in April. Two weeks before, Jeff' mom passed away. It was a terrible month. Here is me and my family at Dad's funeral.

I sure miss and love you, Dad.

My mom and dad are together again.

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  1. So good to see your post. Hope things are wonderful for you. Love that you are running...I keep trying, but don't stick to it long enough to actually accomplish anything. Keep up the good work. Miss you!